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VoxTex Rates

    Your Free VoxTex Listing

        The VoxTex list wants to note every person who teaches voice in North Texas. Seasoned pros, novices, academicians, pop specialists, speaking-voice trainers, clinicians, whatever. If you teach voice, you are wanted on VoxTex.

        If your studio is not accepting new students, please list yourself anyway with the proviso "Not currently accepting new students." This helps provide the perception of urgency and impels prospective voice students toward studios that DO have openings. An e-mail address allows colleagues to reach each other for sage counsel on the knottier challenges of teaching voice. Or to get together for coffee. (Leave off your phone number if you don't wish to be contacted by phone.)

        Your free VoxTex listing includes any or all of the following, up to seven-lines:

          • Line 1: (Mr. Mrs. Ms. Dr. Prof.) Name / Name of studio
          • Line 2: Studio Address (leave off, if you choose privacy over welcome)
          • Line 3: Additional address info, if necessary
          • Line 4: City, State, Zip
          • Line 5: Studio/contact phone number with extension (or not)
          • Line 6: E-mail address
          • Line 7: (Please specify one of the three options below:)
              a. By appointment only.
              b. Not currently accepting new students.
              c. (blank space; no text info)

        Information above is listed at no charge, ever.
        Updates made as necessary at no charge.
        Subject to removal if info becomes outdated.

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      Enhance Your Free Listing with a Mini Resume

      You're not just another name, are you? You're probably special.
           But I can't tell that just by your name.
           Stand out from the crowd.
             Please distinguish yourself somehow.
           Help me know why to pick you as my voice teacher.
           Tell me more.

      Additional info about you: e.g., voice type, degree(s), current position(s), affiliations, information about your studio or style and a link to a web page can be added to your free basic listing.
      For only a dollar a month you get up to 100 words to position your image with a hyper link to your web page included!

      E-mail me the words now. I'll publish them right away and trust you for two weeks for the $12/year fee. Please send check, money order or cash to:

        Stan Yoder
        3900 Larkspur
        Haltom City, TX 76137-5818

      Happy teaching!

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