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The VoiceMaestro = Stan Yoder

    Stan Yoder has been singing forever. Well, at least since age two, after which The Yoder Family Singers sang unaccompanied, recorded albums and toured. He has sung everything from opera to oratorio to symphony chorus to art song to musical theatre to select choral ensemble to barbershop to blues. A bass-baritone, Mr. Yoder has been seen singing in the rain. He also sings solo for weddings, funerals, church services and parties.

    Teaching privately since 1986 has been a joy for the VoiceMaestro. Although he has not yet appeared on The Sopranos, he has taught about a zillion sopranos. He also loves working with mezzos, tenors and basses who have bloomed and grown as a result of his instruction. His students get high ratings at contest and find success at auditions. They bow to delighted audiences. They work hard and have fun in lessons. They love learning not only music and vocal technique, but also, with enthusiastic encouragement, practical problem solving technique. They gain self-assuredness and self-respect.

    Stan Yoder learned basics and beyond while studying voice with Gustavo Halley, Virginia Babikian, Arthur Madsen, Kathryn Kasper and Ron Garber. He has sung under Robert Shaw, George Lynn, Sergiu Commissiona, Benjamin Zander, Eph Ehly and a bunch of other conductors nobody's heard of. He earned a Bachelor of Music degree (with honors) in Vocal Performance from Rice University and a Master of Music degree in Conducting from UMKC. Mr. Yoder developed the Say it with Velvet ThunderTM executive speaking-voice improvement training for business people. It sometimes turns them into singers.

    The VoiceMaestro has a passion for people, singing and teaching voice. He welcomes good-humored, dedicated, aspiring singers of all ages to his studio.

Call the VoiceMaestro if you'd like individual help. 817.498-6454. His rates are reasonable. He loves helping!

Stan Yoder Voice Studio
Where you bloom, grow your voice and love it!
Haltom City, Texas

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